National Health Strategie Plan for Tuberculosis Control in the Kingdom of Cambodia 2011-2015

This 2011-2015 strategic plan is the third five-year National Health Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis Control after the second one covering the period from 2006 to 2010. The development process of the plan was both consultative and participative with all the main partners, both within and outside the government participating in the
formulation of this document.

The plan was developed based on the National Health Policies and Strategies for TB Control in Cambodia 2011-2015 issued in July 2010 as well as the overall National Health Strategic Plan 2008-2015 as well as the Global Plan to STOP TB 2006-2015.

To achieve the objectives of the National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP), all strategic activities expressed in this plan need to be carefully thought out and planned and conducted. In addition, more concrete annual action plan need to be formulated and activities carried out. Resources mobilization and management will be of great
importance for successful implementation of the plans. Thus, commitment from all partners including the government, local authority, community, financial and technical
partners are very essential.
I believe that this document is not only useful for NTP as the basis for achieving its targets but also for the contribution to attaining those of the overall National Health Strategic Plan 2008-2015 in line with the National Strategic Development Plan of the Royal Government. Additionally, it is also useful for all partners concerned including
health officials and partners agencies to understand and support with the aim at successfully implementing this strategic plan for TB control

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